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Edible Flowers- Beyond Nasturtiums, Calendula and Violets

Did you know Redbud tree flowers are edible… or carnations… or the flowers on your bean vines?

Violas are edible!
Flowers You Can Eat
Dressing up green salads with edible flowers is popular in restaurants and home-cooked gourmet meals with ingredients from the […]

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“Double Duty Garden Decor” Phase I Ornamental Sprinklers!

So many garden products are designed to do one thing. Most people want their garden to look great so they install an irrigation system to help things grow. Most irrigation systems have significantly less than visual appeal. The little micro-sprayers […]

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How Plants Are Bred to Become “Proven Winners” Plants: Video

I was invited to tour one of the growing facilities for Proven Winners plants, in Bonsall, California at EuroAmerican Propagators to learn how their plants are developed.
It all begins with testing…lots of testing.
Every plant that is introduced by this company […]

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Controlling Weeds in Your Strawberry Garden Patch

Strawberry plants and controlling weeds are an ongoing concern in the strawberry patch.
In order to give your strawberry plants a fighting chance against water-sucking, nutrition-hogging weeds, you must prepare your garden soil months in advance of planting!

Gardeners who prefer to […]

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