3 Fruit Trees for Small Spaced Yards and Patios

by / 4 Comments / 466 View / December 29, 2012

Growing your own food at home is a huge trend among gardeners but it  seems to stop short of growing your own fruit.




There’s a misconception among inexperienced gardeners that you need a large yard to grow crispy apples,  juicy oranges, or luscious avocados from a tree!

It’s exciting to share information about dwarf and compact fruit tree varieties that grow and thrive in containers.

Short on space but want to grow citrus, avocados and apples?

Enjoy the short video from my “Way to Grow” series on the Digs channel on Youtube where I present a multi-grafted apple tree growing in a container, a dwarf avocado tree named “Minicado” and an espaliered Meyer lemon tree.


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4 Comment

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  4. Jane- I believe that if you tried growing avocados and couldn’t make it happen, it’s probably a dead deal. You know what you’re doing! That’s too bad. So delicious!


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