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Coleus plant varieties for shade and sunny gardens.

Coleus Plant Varieties For Shaded and Sunny Gardens

  Coleus plants are tropical plants prized  for their exotic foliage. Though many coleus plants flower, they are insignificant compared to colorful leaves.   New varieties of Coleus have been introduced that perform in shade as well as sunny gardens! Garden…

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Drought Tolerant, Heat Loving Plants on “Home & Family Show” Deck Makeover!

  I was assigned a deck garden makeover recently for the Hallmark daytime show,   “Home & Family” with Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. If you like home and garden shows, you’ll love this unique daytime show where all the guests are…

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Helleborus 'Fluffy Ruffle' as presented in video by Chris of Great Garden Plants

Video: Helleborus ‘Fluffy Ruffles’

  Great Garden Plants co-owner and hellebore breeder Chris, introduces some amazing double flowering hellebores in a stunning array of colors for your shade perennial garden. This new hellebores is a double flowering type that has triple the amount of…

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3 Fruit Trees for Small Spaced Yards and Patios

Growing your own food at home is a huge trend among gardeners but it  seems to stop short of growing your own fruit.     There’s a misconception among inexperienced gardeners that you need a large yard to grow crispy…

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Gryphon-Begonias-New-Shade-Plant-Variety-plant for your garden

New Gryphon Begonia Plants

  The Gryphon begonia is a plant with interesting foliage for a year-round-accent in the shade garden. Garden designer, Shirley Bovshow reports on the recently introduced ‘Gryphon’ Begonia, a fast-growing annual or houseplant with arching branches and 10-inch wides leaves splashed…

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Edible Flowers- Beyond Nasturtiums, Calendula and Violets

Did you know Redbud tree flowers are edible… or carnations… or the flowers on your bean vines?     Violas are edible! Flowers You Can Eat Dressing up green salads with edible flowers is popular in restaurants and home-cooked gourmet…

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How Plants Are Bred to Become “Proven Winners” Plants: Video

I was invited to tour one of the growing facilities for Proven Winners plants, in Bonsall, California at EuroAmerican Propagators to learn how their plants are developed. It all begins with testing…lots of testing.   Every plant that is introduced…

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Controlling Weeds in Your Strawberry Garden Patch

  Strawberry plants and controlling weeds are an ongoing concern in the strawberry patch. In order to give your strawberry plants a fighting chance against water-sucking, nutrition-hogging weeds, you must prepare your garden soil months in advance of planting!  …

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Bird-of-Paradise-flower in bloom-garden-center-tv

Toxic Plant List for Your Pond

    I’ve talked about edible pond plants and versatile pond plants that can be used in both the pond and landscape, but did you know that many common garden and water garden plants are toxic?     There are many commonly…

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Versatile Plants for Your Garden Bed and Water Garden!

  Did you know that some of the most common water garden plants can be used in your garden bed  and some of your favorite garden plants can be used in your water garden? Here are a few of my favorite versatile…

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