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Sandy and Rocky Garden Soil Solution

If you are experiencing sandy or rocky soil you may be losing valuable nutrients that would otherwise be available to your plants through excess leaching.
Because of the high water filtration rates in sandy as well as rocky soils, these soils […]

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Nancy Jane’s Stacking Planters for Small Space Gardens

I previewed “Nancy Jane’s  Stackable Planters” at the Independent Garden Center  show in 2009 and shot a preview video.
Nancy’s stackable planter design is ideal for small space gardens and a godsend for urban gardeners.
Self-watering plastic stackable planters evenly distribute moisture […]

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Lawn with bare patch due to compaction by lots of traffic

Guide to Eliminating Yellow or Bare Spots on Lawn

Guest blog post by NatraTurf (Courtney Tompkins).
Most bare and yellow spots on lawns, or spots that aren’t flourishing, are caused by compaction and crusting within the top few inches of the soil.
Water and oxygen are not able to pass through […]

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Creative Rainwater Harvesting: Make Pond-Less Waterfall

Rainwater harvesting is the collecting and storing, of rainwater for reuse, before it reaches the aquifer.

The simplest way to collect rain water is to channel the water off your roof into gutters and down pipes that pour into a rain […]

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Vertical Home Gardens with Phytopod Growing Containers

Vertical gardening in a phytopod growing container gives me the opportunity to grow food in my small yard.
A phytopod planter is made from recycled, or re-used materials and has a built-in internal watering system.

Plants can grow along the top and outside surface […]

1 Comment / 339 View / August 5, 2011

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