“Double Duty Garden Decor” Phase I Ornamental Sprinklers!

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So many garden products are designed to do one thing. Most people want their garden to look great so they install an irrigation system to help things grow. Most irrigation systems have significantly less than visual appeal. The little micro-sprayers are definitely not pretty, easily damaged when kicked or stepped on. Some sprinklers use dayglow colors, to help survive a stray foot, but only do one thing one way, spray water out away from the stationary head.

The original goal was to solve a watering problem along a pathway lined with potted plants. Micro-sprinklers were mounted to sculptured brass lawn ornaments and directed down onto the pots, watering the potted plants and foliage between, thus creating the first phase in our dual functioning ornamental sprinkler system. The “Double Duty Garden Décor” became beautiful sprinklers, they were very visible, an interesting unexpected benefit was no more damaged sprinklers from the mailman’s shortcut and gardener’s destructive string trimmer.

The garden is in place, the ornamental sprayers work and now you want to make the garden attractive at night. Solar lighting is a cheap option, but if you have large trees & bushes, the garden faces north, is in an atrium, or courtyard without direct sun, the solar stake lights just don’t work, or are very dim for a short period of time.  The little color changing stakes with hummingbirds, dragonflies, and butterflies might even pulse with an annoying slow throbbing red glow. Low voltage LED lighting is the obvious energy efficient solution, working in shaded or dark areas, using so little power, that a clock timer uses more power than the lights.

“Double Duty Garden Décor” Phase II Ornamental Sprinklers!

Adding path lights would have made the walkway cluttered, a solution would be to make the brass ornaments of a clear acrylic, add an LED illuminator and attach the micro-sprinkler system to the heads of the sculptures by running the water tube through the middle. Adding the lighting function to the ornamental sprinkling sculptures gave birth to the patented SprinkLites™. The total and complete lighting effect from the tiny LED was amazing, the wings of the sculptures glowed brightly and you can tell the different shapes from over 150’ away. Now we have a unique multi function product, Sprinklers with Lights combining distinct separate technologies into a useful and beautiful functioning product.

By using a malleable support for the sculptured Sprinkle Lights we have the first infinitely positionable garden micro-sprayer. For maximum watering efficiency, the spray can be directed exactly where the water placement is most effective. Enhancing the dramatic effect a color changing LED was added creating a very soothing therapeutic display, the random colors from each of the 6 lights is mesmerizing and so subtle you might not notice.

SprinkLites™ can be just ornamental lights enhancing other landscape lighting by adding color changing highlights to the foliage and focal points to the dark shadows enhancing the environment. In another dual function roll for SprinkLites™ the color changing butterfly lights placed around an arbor or trellis, become an ornamental butterfly release, adding mister nozzles creates a cool relaxing sanctuary to marvel at nature. In another Dual application, adding streaming nozzles to the ornamental sculptures and placing them around a pond, or water feature, creating beautiful crystal spitting fountain ornaments. During the day Hummingbirds seem fascinated by the small streams of water and play for almost a minute perching on the ornaments, washing their head, feathers, and claws. During Dusk, as the color changing lights come on there is a beautiful colorful transition. At night the color changing lighting cluster is therapeutic enhanced with the soothing trickling sound of splashing water.

The multi function SprinkLites™ can be used indoors or outside, as a room divider or wall sconce, a table centerpiece or floral accent light bouquet. Test the extremes of your creativity with SprinkLites™.

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