How To Improve Clay Soil

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With the exception of coastal areas or the southwestern desert, most people who live in North America have to deal with clay in their soils.

Clay has a tendency to become compacted, reduce water infiltration rates and lock up key nutrients in the soil.




Don’t give up on planting in clay soil, there are solutions to improve your soil.

There are many ways to combat clay soil issues, the most popular is mechanically, through aeration.


Aeration machines poke 1″-inch holes in the soil, dislodging plugs of soil and letting water, fertilizer and sunshine deeper into the soil.

There is also a less invasive way to condition the soil and improve the environment so your lawn and plants can thrive.

This method is to apply soil amendments such as gypsum or limestone.


The main ingredient in each of these naturally occurring organic materials is calcium.

Calcium breaks up the soil profile; reducing compaction, increasing water infiltration rates, and increasing soil nutrient availability to the plant.

Adding soil amendments is a very safe and effective method to eliminating poor soil conditions caused by heavy clay.


NatraTurf’s HydroSave is great example of an organic solution.


Made from extremely pure gypsum, it’s an effective organic option for improving clay soils.

Sprinkling on HydroSave will help break up the hardened soil, reduce your need to water, and help your plants thrive!


If you have any questions I can answer about your clay soil, please comment below!



NatraTurf offers the same soil science mastered in the agriculture world to families who want chemical-free lawns and gardens.

Our products are manufactured at employee-owned plants in the midwest.

We make products easy-to-use and simple to understand.

And, at NatraTurf, you can be sure, it’s natural and organic or we don’t make it.

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