My Lazy Gardener: Watering and Keeping Plant Roots Warm in Winter

by / No Comments / 722 View / November 1, 2012

I would like to introduce you to a new product that solves the problem of cold stress on plants during the winter.



“My Lazy Gardener” is a unique product that warms plant root zones, aerates the soil, and waters the plant  at the same time!

The beauty of My Lazy Gardener is that it  uses much less energy than soil heat cables, and is much shorter so it’s easier to install.

If you have a small greenhouse and have a few sensitive plants that you want to keep warm with out turning up the heat, this is a solution for you.


“My Lazy Gardener” is a welcomed product for early and late season container gardening.

Ideal for seed starting, and for tropical plants,  fruit trees like citrus, guava, and papaya are kept warm throughout the winter months.

Take a look at how My Lazy Gardener works in the video above.


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