Sandy and Rocky Garden Soil Solution

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If you are experiencing sandy or rocky soil you may be losing valuable nutrients that would otherwise be available to your plants through excess leaching.

Because of the high water filtration rates in sandy as well as rocky soils, these soils are flushed of nutrients and minerals, making it difficult for grass and plants to thrive.



Generally sandy and rocky soil  lack organic matter, the good stuff that makes healthy soil so dark and rich.

It is possible, over time, to increase organic matter in these soils by adding organic compost and humus to the soil.


You can also use a product that is rich with humus, such as our new product, NatraTurf’ “Enrich,”  to increase the organic matter in the soil.

“Enrich” will keep your soil from losing valuable minerals and nutrients and increase the water-holding capacity to improve the soil’s structure.


Have you tried our product in your garden?

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NatraTurf offers the same soil science mastered in the agriculture world to families who want chemical-free lawns and gardens.

Our products are manufactured at employee-owned plants in the mid west.

We make products easy-to-use and simple to understand.

And, at NatraTurf, you can be sure, it’s natural and organic or we don’t make it.

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