Vertical Home Gardens with Phytopod Growing Containers

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Vertical gardening in a phytopod growing container gives me the opportunity to grow food in my small yard.

A phytopod planter is made from recycled, or re-used materials and has a built-in internal watering system.


Plants can grow along the top and outside surface of the planter which is made from a strong burlap-type material.

The phytopod is set on casters so it is portable and easy to move around.



Phytopod vertical planter with herbs and vegetables


Living in the city for most of my life, it wasn’t until two years ago that I discovered vertical gardening as a way to grow my own vegetables and herbs.

Growing food has given me a sense of pride and purpose in taking control of what I eat and where it comes from.

I enjoy watching  everything grow and love eating fresh lettuce, basil, mint, strawberries and peas from my own garden every day.



 Phytopod Fall Vegetable Container Garden

I planted my fall Phytopod three weeks ago.

This is my first fall vegetable planting season in the Washington DC area.

Hardiness Zone 7-8.




As a gardener, the fall garden is a joy to watch grow!

Fewer pests, diseases and less watering chores, (in most areas).


Have you tried growing vegetables in a Phytopod?

What was  your experience?


Do visit for pictures of my vertical gardens.



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  1. Hope you have a great turn out Julie.

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