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Backyard Getaway (Lisa Burns)


How To Make a Bog Filter For Small Pond With Garden Pot

It’s important to balance your pond with both biological and mechanical filtration in order to keep the growth of algae under control. I want to share information to make a simple and natural bog filter for your small water garden…

3 Comments / 5338 View / November 3, 2011

Bird-of-Paradise-flower in bloom-garden-center-tv

Toxic Plant List for Your Pond

    I’ve talked about edible pond plants and versatile pond plants that can be used in both the pond and landscape, but did you know that many common garden and water garden plants are toxic?     There are many commonly…

No Comments / 3793 View / September 23, 2011


Versatile Plants for Your Garden Bed and Water Garden!

  Did you know that some of the most common water garden plants can be used in your garden bed  and some of your favorite garden plants can be used in your water garden? Here are a few of my favorite versatile…

1 Comment / 785 View / September 4, 2011

Pink-and-Purple-aquatic-lilies-that-are-edible-by-Lisa-Burns-on Garden-Center-TV

Guide to Floating Salad Bar- Edible Aquatic Plants

Have you ever thought about growing your own veggie and herb garden but decided against it because it’s too much work, or you don’t have time to care for it? Aquatic gardening is the answer!   All photos in this…

1 Comment / 2277 View / August 24, 2011


Creative Rainwater Harvesting: Make Pond-Less Waterfall

Rainwater harvesting is the collecting and storing, of rainwater for reuse, before it reaches the aquifer.     The simplest way to collect rain water is to channel the water off your roof into gutters and down pipes that pour…

1 Comment / 2211 View / August 19, 2011


How to Repot Water Lilies

  To me, a water garden isn’t complete without water lilies. There are so many choices…tropical, hardy, day bloomers, night bloomers, pinks, purples, blues, yellows. One is never enough.   Water lilies and aquatic plants are easy to grow as…

2 Comments / 2843 View / August 19, 2011