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Shirley Bovshow

I visit garden shows all over the world and preview new products & plants for your garden! I'm joined by a posse of opinionated experts and bloggers who chime in with their trend reports, favorite picks and more. When I'm not previewing products, I design gardens in Los Angeles, produce garden TV videos for the web and enjoy life with my husband, kids and two adorable dogs. I'm known as "EdenMaker" and "Foodie Gardener" on the web!

shirley-bovshow's instant and lightweight hanging-indoor-garden planters


Easy #DIY Hanging Mixed Plants by @shirleybovshow! Tune in tomorrow for the tutorial! ???? A photo posted by Home & Family (@homeandfamilytv) on Jan 20, 2016 at 2:13pm PST

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Dramm Corporation will be featured on “Home Factory”

Manitowoc, WI – July 7, 2015 – The Dramm Corporation, a local and family-owned manufacturer of high quality watering tools, is in the national spotlight for making an eye-catching product.   “Our Grandfather, John G. Dramm, a florist by trade,…

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Dramm Colorful Watering Tools: Wands and Hoses

    One of the most colorful lines of watering tools for the garden is by Dramm. Their watering tools come in six jewel tone colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and hot pink.   I own two Sunrise rain…

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Burgon & Ball Canning Jars on Garden Center TV

Burgon & Ball Canning Jars on Garden Center TV

Do you like to preserve and can your home-grown vegetables and fruit? Doesn’t everyone these days! Burgon & Ball offers these handsome canning jars with beautiful etched labels. These smart canning jars will make you look like a pro.  

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The” UCAN:” Water, Fertilize and Organize Your Garden Tools!

Shirley Bovshow, host of Garden Center TV, interviews Jim Ugone, inventor of the U-Can. The U-Can is a revolutionary plant watering system that has built in features to organize and store your fertilizer, gloves, and watering rose.

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Love the design and organizing capabilities of the UCAN watering system. Keep your fertilizer, gloves and watering rose all in one place so you don’t lose them. I have the UCAN watering can and use it in my  Foodie Garden…

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Coleus plant varieties for shade and sunny gardens.

Coleus Plant Varieties For Shaded and Sunny Gardens

  Coleus plants are tropical plants prized  for their exotic foliage. Though many coleus plants flower, they are insignificant compared to colorful leaves.   New varieties of Coleus have been introduced that perform in shade as well as sunny gardens! Garden…

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Drought Tolerant, Heat Loving Plants on “Home & Family Show” Deck Makeover!

  I was assigned a deck garden makeover recently for the Hallmark daytime show,   “Home & Family” with Cristina Ferrare and Mark Steines. If you like home and garden shows, you’ll love this unique daytime show where all the guests are…

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Helleborus 'Fluffy Ruffle' as presented in video by Chris of Great Garden Plants

Video: Helleborus ‘Fluffy Ruffles’

  Great Garden Plants co-owner and hellebore breeder Chris, introduces some amazing double flowering hellebores in a stunning array of colors for your shade perennial garden. This new hellebores is a double flowering type that has triple the amount of…

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Shirley Bovshow stands with her miniature village and fairy gardens she created for the Home and Family Show on Hallmark channel

Fairy and Miniature Gardens on “Home & Family” Show, Hallmark Channel

  Shirley Bovshow with a few of her miniature and fairy gardens for the Home & Family Show. I invite you to watch my appearance on the “Home & Family Show,” (Hallmark channel), tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 2, 2013 at 10AM…

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