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Dramm Colorful Watering Tools: Wands and Hoses

    One of the most colorful lines of watering tools for the garden is by Dramm. Their watering tools come in six jewel tone colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and hot pink.   I own two Sunrise rain…

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Burgon & Ball Canning Jars on Garden Center TV

Burgon & Ball Canning Jars on Garden Center TV

Do you like to preserve and can your home-grown vegetables and fruit? Doesn’t everyone these days! Burgon & Ball offers these handsome canning jars with beautiful etched labels. These smart canning jars will make you look like a pro.  

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The” UCAN:” Water, Fertilize and Organize Your Garden Tools!

Shirley Bovshow, host of Garden Center TV, interviews Jim Ugone, inventor of the U-Can. The U-Can is a revolutionary plant watering system that has built in features to organize and store your fertilizer, gloves, and watering rose.

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Love the design and organizing capabilities of the UCAN watering system. Keep your fertilizer, gloves and watering rose all in one place so you don’t lose them. I have the UCAN watering can and use it in my  Foodie Garden…

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Recycled Plastic For Your Garden

Guest blog post by Backyard Getaway (Lisa Burns)    Everywhere you turn, you hear people discussing the virtues of recycling. Personally, I am a huge fan of the “three R’s”; recycle, reduce & reuse. Actually, I  should  say “four R’s,”  when…

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My Lazy Gardener: Watering and Keeping Plant Roots Warm in Winter

I would like to introduce you to a new product that solves the problem of cold stress on plants during the winter.   “My Lazy Gardener” is a unique product that warms plant root zones, aerates the soil, and waters…

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Fire Pit Doubles as Musical Water Fountain!

An interesting way to extend the usefulness of a fire pit is to transform it into a lit, musical water fountain for the warm season.   Many patios have  fire pits for cold weather nights.   Fire pits are rarely…

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What is artistic, functional, and portable? A Mobilegro planter cart! The portable gardening cart provides 12-square  feet of  planting capacity within a 31-inch  by 31-inch footprint. Small space gardening was never so big. It was especially designed for urban gardening on…

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“Double Duty Garden Decor” Phase I Ornamental Sprinklers!

So many garden products are designed to do one thing. Most people want their garden to look great so they install an irrigation system to help things grow. Most irrigation systems have significantly less than visual appeal. The little micro-sprayers…

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Give a Terrarium as a Christmas Gift!

Wouldn’t it be neat if you had a terrarium that you can build yourself, or to use as a centerpiece for the holidays  and enjoy all winter long? Terrariums make unique and unexpected gifts. How about giving a terrarium to…

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