How To Make a Bog Filter For Small Pond With Garden Pot

by / 3 Comments / 5705 View / November 3, 2011

It’s important to balance your pond with both biological and mechanical filtration in order to keep the growth of algae under control.

I want to share information to make a simple and natural bog filter for your small water garden using an ordinary garden pot and a few simple steps.


 Materials For Bog Filter in Pot

Glazed terra cotta pot

1/2″-inch or 3/4″-inch tubing

Pea gravel

Bog plants

250 gallons per hour submersible pump



Drill a hole  through bottom of garden pot and insert tubing.

Some pots have drain holes already.

Cut length of tubing depending on the distance to the pump.


Place pot in your pond.
Fill 3/4 of the pot with pea gravel
Plant with bog plants
You can use a variety of aquatic bog plants.
I like to use something tall in the center like mini papyrus or golden spears with low spreading plants like mint or creeping jenny


Connect to your pump.
A  small 250 gph submersible pump works well with 12″-16″ diameter pot.


The gravel in the pot is the perfect medium for beneficial bacteria to grow and the pump creates oxygen that is needed for the bacteria growth and the plants help filter out ammonia, and nitrates.

Enjoy your natural bog filter and enjoy the beauty of the plants!

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