Fire Pit Doubles as Musical Water Fountain!

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An interesting way to extend the usefulness of a fire pit is to transform it into a lit, musical water fountain for the warm season.


Many patios have  fire pits for cold weather nights.


Fire pits are rarely lit on summer nights, however.


Now, fire pits can double as a lit musical water fountain for a unique entertainment feature with the “Magical Water Fountain” kit.



Simply slide in a recycling water fountain insert in place of your fire grate to transform its function.

Homeowners can experiment with different effects controlled by changing water pressures, swiveling nozzles, and the surreal effect of LED lighting at night.


The choreographed musical water fountains and lights are synchronized to the volume and beat of the music that is played.


Bright, LED lights illuminate each water spout, complimenting the soothing sound of falling water.



There’s a kit to create subtle water and light shows, to bold and colorful, Las Vegas style “Bellagio” multicolored light shows!

The Magical Water Fountains are  available in either complete plug and play units with a number of pre made exteriors, or as complete assembled insert for “DIY’ers” who want to build their own exteriors.


The Magic Water Fountains are controlled by a Windows-based laptop, notebook or tablet pc through a bluetooth wireless connection.


Homeowners can save money  by using their own Windows-based computers and wireless outdoor speakers, or can buy them as dedicated units with the fountains.


See more video examples on the Gallery Page at:

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