Controlling Weeds in Your Strawberry Garden Patch

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Strawberry plants and controlling weeds are an ongoing concern in the strawberry patch.

In order to give your strawberry plants a fighting chance against water-sucking, nutrition-hogging weeds, you must prepare your garden soil months in advance of planting!



Gardeners who prefer to use organic solutions must accept the fact that it will take more time to subjugate weeds than when using conventional herbicides.

I endorse a “grow and kill” period for weed reduction using corn gluten as a systemic herbicide.


Give yourself at least three months to prepare your soil before planting strawberries and you will be rewarded with less weed infestation.


I didn’t say “weed-free,” because that would be an unrealistic goal.


Watch my video above, “Strawberries VS Weeds Richard Simmons Estate:Gardens of the Rich and Famous” for a short and entertaining overview of how to prepare your garden soil for strawberries!

A good sense of humor is important to have in the garden or you can be overtaken with frustration!

The video was taped in one of my garden design projects in Los Angeles.


For those who prefer to read their instructions, I have a step by step tutorial on my blog, EdenMakers Blog.

Either way, I hope the information is useful to you.

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