Tips To Prepare Your Garden For Winter

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It won’t be long before the short, cold days of winter are upon us again.

As gardeners, we need to be prepared for the winter season and put together an action list for the garden before December rolls around.


I’m based in the United Kingdom, where the winters are extremely cold; some of you cold climate gardeners in other parts of the world can relate.

Although winter can be a beautiful season,  the cold temperatures can damage our plants, flowers and perhaps, even our wood garden sheds if we don’t take the necessary precautions.


I’d like to offer some tips:


Take Care of Your Garden Shed and Tools

1. Make sure the joints that hold the garden shed together are loosened up; chilly weather and rain causes wood to swell.

2. Pick up garden tools from the floor. Heavy snowfall may flood your shed, which may cause corrosion to your valuable equipment.

3. Clean and oil your hand tools and equipment before the winter approaches.


Take Care of Your Plants

1. Keep watering  your plants in the absence of rain (especially in drought areas).

2. Add an interesting and colorful shrub that looks great in winter, such  as Cornus sanguinea, also known as “dogwood.”

3. Mulch your garden to stabilize soil temperatures to keep plants dormant through the winter.

Use “free” materials to mulch your garden, such as pine needles or chopped leaves.


Finally, as spring returns and temperatures warm, remove a thick portion of the mulch when the danger of frost has passed.

Remember, if you smell fresh mud again, it’s time to remove your mulch!


When you CAN’T garden during the winter months, what do you do for fun?


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